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Read Only Memories’ Cyberpunk Adventure Hits PS4 With New Puzzles & Dialogue



Read Only Memories, the cyberpunk adventure game about a struggling journalist working with a robot pal to uncover secrets in Neo-San Francisco, has launched on PS4 with several new features.




The PS4 launch of Read Only Memories brings new dialogue, more animations for the characters, a deeper telling of the storyline, and some new puzzles to challenge the player. Also, it is now voice-acted, featuring the voices of Melissa Hutchinson (voice of Clementine in Telltale’s The Walking Dead) and many more.


Players who have already bought the PC version will not be left out, as all of these features are to given to PC players as a free content update.




Read Only Memories follows the player on a journey through Neo-San Francisco, meeting the various characters and oddballs who inhabit it, getting to know them and their secrets. Through the decisions they make and the people they meet, the player will shift the story, finding different paths and endings to the game’s story of the future of humanity and technology.

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