Red Riding Hood Paladin Comes to SINoALICE

Red Riding Hood Paladin SINoALICE

Red Riding Hood Paladin is the latest character variant that will be coming to SINoALICE. Starting on October 15, 2020, players will be able to roll for Red Riding Hood Paladin at an increased rate. Additionally, a new Nightmare will be available through this upcoming Grimoire.

The Bloodstained Cloak Nightmare is one of many possibilities players can receive from the banner alongside new SR weapons. As always, players will need to acquire the weapon associated with Red Riding Hood Paladin in SINoALICE to receive her new variant.

Additionally, until October 22, 2020, SINoALICE users will be able to summon Gretel Crusher at an enhanced rate. The Fara, Inferiorities Echo Nightmare, is also obtainable through the Imaginary Birdcage Grimoire. The Hammer of Desire and Snowy Corpse L weapons are part of this banner as well.

Sleeping Beauty Breaker is currently available to obtain at a higher rate as well. But time is running out, and users will want to roll for her now if they want the chance to grab Sleeping Beauty’s Breaker variant without spending too many Twilight Gems. Other recent additions include Dorothy Gunner. The new character was added alongside an Act of Hatred story update. It also marks Dorothy’s first appearance in SINoALICE.

SINoALICE Global is available on iOS and Android.

Kazuma Hashimoto
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