Report: Square Enix Trademarks Symbiogenesis, Maybe Related to Parasite Eve

symbiogenesis parasite eve

A new Parasite Eve may or may not be on the horizon, as Square Enix has trademarked the word “Symbiogenesis” in Japan. It did so on October 13, 2022, though the news only became public on October 23. In simple terms, symbiogenesis is when two or more organisms come together to form a single new organism. This is also the basis for the Parasite Eve story. [Thanks, Wario64 and Gematsu!]

Symbiogenesis is the scientific theory in which eukaryotic cells such as mitochondria were formerly independent organisms that entered a symbiotic relationship with other single-celled organisms in order to create a single new organism. It is unknown if Square Enix plans on remaking Parasite Eve or if it wants to make a new game with its setting. Symbiogenesis may also be a completely new project separate from Parasite Eve.

Parasite Eve came out in 1998 for the PlayStation when Square Enix was still simply Square. It serves as a sequel to the Parasite Eve novel, and follows New York City police officer Aya Brea. In New York, there have been several cases of spontaneous human combustion. Aya quickly realizes a woman named Eve is causing them. Aya then has to prevent Eve from destroying Manhattan and the rest of humanity.

More information on “Symbiogenesis,” whether it is related to Parasite Eve or not, may appear in the future. Previously, Square Enix filed a trademark for Live a Live in 2020, and remade the game two years later.

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