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Resident Evil 6 Set In Lanshiang, A Fictitious Coastal China Town



Capcom sent over more information about Resident Evil 6 and confirmed China, specifically a fictitious costal town called Lanshiang, is the game’s primary location. The story begins in 2013 and has three protagonists.


Leon S. Kennedy was recruited as an agent for the US government by Adam Benford, the President of the United States, after the Raccoon City incident. Helena Harper is one of the President’s personal bodyguards and admits to Leon she is responsible for the incident in Resident Evil 6. Ingrid Hunnigan is a field operations support specialist who has worked with Leon before.


Chris Redfield, leader of the BSAA, faced personal trauma six months before the events in Resident Evil 6. He meets his team in China to investigate a bioterrorist attack. Chris, Leon, and a mysterious third protagonist are playable characters. The man with the shaven head is a mercenary engaged in a conflict in Eastern Europe where B.O.W.s are being used. Someone tells him he’s the man to save the world and instead of heroically stepping up to the plate he thinks about how much the job will pad his wallet.


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Zombies return in Resident Evil 6 and this time they’re smart enough to use weapons. Instead of staggering towards players they will run and jump at you. J’avo are a new B.O.W. found in Eastern Europe six months before the events in Resident Evil 6. These creatures still understand human speech and will work together with other J’avos as a group. J’avo can regenerate and if heavily damaged mutate body parts into different forms.


Resident Evil 6 will have a new control scheme that lets players shoot while moving and take cover. You will be able to evade attacks by rolling or sliding in any direction and strike back with melee attacks.


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