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Resident Evil Village Sales Reach 6.1 Million Units Worldwide

Resident Evil Village Sales

Capcom announced that sales for Resident Evil Village have reached 6.1 million units worldwide. This information was disclosed through a financial report. The report revealed further growth from the title, as it had shared in October 2021 that sales for Resident Evil Village had surpassed 5 million units worldwide. This includes both digital and physical sales. Capcom revealed that sales for the title have remained consistent thanks to purchases of the digital version of the game.

Additionally, Resident Evil Village broke into Capcom’s Platinum Titles list in December 2021. While the list has yet to be updated to reflect the financial report, Resident Evil Village sits behind Street Fighter V. That said, further consistent sales of the title may see it slowly rise up through the list, especially since DLC content is planned for the title. However, information about the DLC has been scarce.

Outside of its initial announcement in June 2021, Capcom has yet to share any information on what the DLC could potentially be about. This includes the narrative and any significant gameplay aspects that could appear. That said, Capcom did reveal that the DLC content should appear sometime in 2022.

Resident Evil Village is available now on the PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X, Xbox One, and PC.

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