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Ride War Walruses & Battle Ostriches Into The Beat ‘Em Up Combat Of Viking Squad



Viking Squad, a lighthearted, yet vicious brawler in the vein of Castle Crashers,  has players assembling a ragtag group of up to three Vikings, levelling and equipping them as they beat up the absurd minions and colossal bosses that serve Loki.




On top of being able to choose a warrior with specific melee, magic, or ranged abilities, equipping them with found gear, and levelling over the course of the game’s beat ‘em up combat, players will also be able to choose which god they worship. New opportunities and dangers appear in each game depending on which god you pray to, creating unique runs with each playthrough.


Players will also be able to hop aboard several found mounts, Golden Axe-style, over the course of the game. These creatures will aid the player in combat, and are all fairly ridiculous, adding more silliness to the game’s combat beyond the strange enemies the player faces along the way.




Up to three players can play online or offline together, and can do so right now as Viking Squad is now available on PS4 and Steam.

Alistair Wong
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