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Riou From Suikoden 2 is Coming to Super Bomberman R Online

Super Bomberman R Online Suikoden

Riou from Suikoden 2 is now available as a playable character in Super Bomberman R Online. Konami added the character at the start of Season 3, in addition to a new game event and Suikoden-themed battle pass cosmetics. Both the Suikoden hero bomber and gold battle pass are immediately available for purchase in-game.

As with previous hero bombers, Riou will have special abilities to help players in-game. His special ability Twin Fang, in which he uses his two tonfa to push away nearby bombs and players. The character is unlockable via the character menu for 500 Bomber Coins (around $5).

The battle pass rewards will also include outfits and cosmetics from the Suikoden series. This includes an outfit based on Jowy Atreides, and well as Jowy’s iconic hairstyle as a cosmetic item. Some items will be available in the Silver battle pass, while others are locked behind the Gold battle pass which costs 800 Bomber Coins.

Alongside the cosmetic additions, Konami also introduced a Mighty Fest game event. This game mode maxes out players’ firepower and the number of bombs from the start of the match. Konami has also issued a number of gameplay balances, such as increasing Blue Bomber’s max speed.

Last season, Konami added Soma Cruz from the Castlevania series. The Premium version of the game also comes with a host of playable characters from various Konami IPs, including Metal Gear Solid and Silent Hill.

Riou from Suikoden is immediately available in Super Bomberman R Online, and will cost 500 Bomber Coins (about $5). Super Bomberman R Online is free to play on PC, PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch.

Andrew Kiya
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