Rip Through Hell In Graphic Novel Adaptation Insanity’s Blade



Casual Bit Games are releasing their retro-style action arcade game Insanity’s Blade on Steam today.


It’s the first game to chronicle the heroic feats of Thurstan, a father who wields a blade infused with his grief and hatred, as adapted from the graphic novel written by Chris Obritsch.


You’ll have to escort Thurstan to hell to save the souls of his wife and child across 16 stages, ripping bodies open, scaling buildings, and earning experience to upgrade Thurstan’s abilities.



It looks and plays as if it were made around the same time as Castlevania and Splatterhouse, bearing pixel art, hellish scenes, and ugly demonic creatures to battle in close combat.


It also supports two-player co-op, in which the second player controls several different supporting characters across the story.


You can purchase Insanity’s Blade on Steam for Windows, Mac, and Linux today. Check out its website for more information.

Chris Priestman