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River City Melee: Battle Royal Special Is Getting An Updated Version On PS4, Switch, And PC


Downtown Ranto Koshinkyoku Ranto!!  (3)

Arc System Works announced that River City Melee: Battle Royal Special is getting an updated release on the PS4, Switch, and PC, titled Downtown Ranto: Koshinkyoku Ranto!! in Japan, with various new elements to up the heat.


New item – Bamboo Shoots

Downtown Ranto Koshinkyoku Ranto!!  (3)

This new item appears to super-size the player.


New Mode – Change Match

Downtown Ranto Koshinkyoku Ranto!!  (2)

A battle mode where characters that get defeated change on the battlefield. Depending on the type of stage there may be special setups that get activated.


New Feature – Team Edit

Downtown Ranto Koshinkyoku Ranto!!  (1)

With Team Edit you can gather your favorite characters to create your own dream team.


There are other new elements that are being added to the game. More information will be shared later.


Downtown Ranto Koshinkyoku Mach!! is in development for PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and PC via Steam.

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