River City Ransom: Underground Removed From Steam


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River City Ransom: Underground is no longer available on Steam. A DMCA takedown has been filed, resulting in the game’s delisting. This means people will not be able to search for and buy it from the storefront and, if they have acquired keys from the Humble Store, will not be able to redeem them on Steam.


An official statement has been made on the River City Ransom: Underground Steam discussion board by Andrew Russell, Conatus Creative’s Lead Programmer. It reads, “We are aware that RCRU is down on Steam. We have contacted Valve’s copyright department, and will let you know when access is restored."


This comes after an array of DMCA complaints against YouTube videos of River City Ransom: Underground filed by Alex Mauer. Conatus Creative previously responded to these DMCA complaints on Steam’s forums to explain the situation and confirm it was not behind the complaints. In the explanation, Conatus Creative noted Alex Mauer’s involvement with River City Ransom: Underground, saying, “Alex Mauer produced, in collaboration with others, works for RCRU as a sub-contractor, and Conatus believes that it possesses the legal right to use those collaborative works in the game.”


River City Ransom: Underground was a Kickstarter project. 5,179 backers raised CA$217,643 to fund the game. It was released on PCs on February 27, 2017. While it is currently unavailable through Steam, the game can be purchased from other sources. It is still listed on GOG and the Humble Store. It is $19.99.

Jenni Lada
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