Roguelike Platformer TowerClimb Is Out After Five Years Development

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After five years of development, Davioware has finally finished and released its roguelike platformer TowerClimb on Steam. You can purchase it for $14.99.


TowerClimb is firmly within the boundaries of ‘tough but rewarding’ games. It’s set in a fantasy world in which huge towers stretch from the ground and up to the heavens. Humans rather foolishly attempt to climb these towers out of curiosity.


You play as one of these humans until you get them killed. Then you play as another (each with their own name). You can run, jump, climb, swim, and even work out ways to fly your way up through the tower.


But each section of the tower is procedurally generated with new creatures, plants, and traps to tackle. There are also random events to deal with such as rising lava. Getting to know what each of these elements do and how to handle them is an essential part of the learning process.


Luckily, there are also items for you to collect that grant your human certain powers – some permanent others temporary. It might be as simple as a double jump or being able to cast lethal magic to dispatch enemies.


TowerClimb also has bonus modes to unlock beyond the main game, lots of secrets, and supports local multiplayer for up to 25 players (but it only supports four controllers – other players will need to remap a keyboard).

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