Romance of the Three Kingdoms 14 Expansion Pack

Romance of the Three Kingdoms XIV Expansion Pack Coming This Winter

Koei Tecmo revealed a Romance of the Three Kingdoms XIV Diplomacy and Strategy Expansion Pack. This is the expansion that adds numerous features to the historical strategy game, which is also commonly known in Japan as Power-Up Kit. It is also revealed that Romance of the Three Kingdoms XIV will be coming to the Nintendo Switch bundled with this expansion pack.

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One of the new features in this expansion pack is the addition of neighboring foreign nomadic tribes, such as Qiang and Shanyue. Just like prior games in the series, players can decide whether to conquer or ally with them. But for the first time ever in the series, it will also allow you to interact with further great empires in Eurasia, like India and the Roman Empire. Trading with these empires will let you obtain new tactics for your own faction to use in your conquest to unify China.

Other than that, this Romance of the Three Kingdoms XIV expansion pack will also add a War Chronicles Mode, which will feature campaigns focused on famous battles in the Chinese Three Kingdoms era. It will add features like province-specific geographical advantages, terrain-specific new buildings, and a calendar feature that lets you check the history of your faction’s growth.

The base Romance of the Three Kingdoms XIV was released for the PC and PlayStation 4 on February 28, 2020. It featured collaboration content with other IPs, such as Atelier Ryza and Legend of the Galactic Heroes. A second season pass has also been announced, which includes paid DLC planned to be released from February 2021 to May 2021. Its items will range from additional scenarios to editor features.

Romance of the Three Kingdoms XIV‘s Diplomacy and Strategy Expansion Pack Bundle will be available digitally this Winter for the PC, PlayStation 4, and Nintendo Switch. The expansion pack is also available for purchase as separate add-on for those who already have the base game on the PC and PS4. Note that in Japan, this Power-Up Kit will get physical releases on December 10, 2020.

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