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Romancing SaGa 3 Offers A Better Look At Its Major And Minor Characters




A key feature in many of the SaGa entries is getting to choose who your avatar will be as you go through a game’s different stories. Romancing SaGa 3 carries on that tradition, with its eight possible protagonists and an array of different side characters. To help prepare people for the game, Square Enix has released official character profiles for Ellen, Julian, Katarina, Khalid, Mikhail, Monika, Sarah, and Thomas, as well as for the minor characters Boston, Leonid, Minstrel, Robin, Pseudo-Robin, Tatyana, and Undine.


First, the major characters. When people begin the game, they decide if Ellen, Julian, Katarina, Khalid, Mikhail, Monika, Sarah, or Thomas will be their lead character.


Breath_IntroGrfx_1920x1080_Ellen Breath_IntroGrfx_1920x1080_Julian Breath_IntroGrfx_1920x1080_Katarina Breath_IntroGrfx_1920x1080_Khalid Breath_IntroGrfx_1920x1080_Mikhail Breath_IntroGrfx_1920x1080_Monika Breath_IntroGrfx_1920x1080_Sarah Breath_IntroGrfx_1920x1080_Thomas


As for the notable minor characters, Boston the Lobster, Leonid the Vampiric Count, Minstrel the Matriarch Herald, Robin and Pseudo-Robin the Masked Crusaders, Tatyana the Vagabond, and Undine the Water Mage might all be helpful on people’s journeys.


RS3_Character_Boston Boston



A warrior of the Lobster tribe that lives at the end of the world. Contrary to its bulky appearance, it shows great agility. The Lobster are the only tribe that know the location of where Forneus, one of the Sinistrals, lives.


RS3_Character_Leonid Leonid


Vampiric Count


A vampiric count who rules over Podorui. He has lived over 500 years and knows the Archfiend and Matriarch in person. He prizes the Holy Grail that once held the blood of the Matriarch and will follow whoever takes its possession. Mikhail shows trust in Leonid as they are old acquaintances. Incidentally, Leonid only drinks the blood of young, beautiful ladies.



Matriarch Herald

A minstrel who travels to various parts of the world. He goes to local pubs to spread the legend of the Matriarch and give guidance to the protagonist. Surprisingly, he is quite the clown. Once the player adds the Minstrel to their party,they will be unable to ask him to leave until a certain point later in the game.


RS3_Character_Robin _ Fake Robin Robin and Pseudo-Robin


Masked Crusaders


Robin is a mysterious masked man who appears in the port town of Yarmouth. He tries to prevent the wrongdoings of merchants. He is immensely popular among the ladies in town.


Pseudo-Robin is a mysterious masked man who appears when the real Robin can’t make it for one reason or another. Despite his figure, he is quick on his feet.


RS3_Character_Tatyana Tatyana



A girl who wanders to different cities around the world. She follows the protagonist and party whenever they come into sight. She is a lady with a secret identity who always introduces herself with a different name each time she sees the protagonist.


RS3_Character_Undine Undine

Water Mage


A female mage prodigy who rules over the northern half of the city of Mahzoz. She is skilled in hydrology and conducts research on combo spells cast by a large group of people. Players have the chance to make Undine their ally by ending the power struggle in the town of Mahzoz


Romancing Saga 3 will come to the Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita, Xbox One, PC, and both Android and Apple iOS devices on November 11, 2019.

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