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Root Film Introduces Wakako Shiba, Mysterious Girl, And Chisa Toriyama To The Cast


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Three new characters who appear in Kadokawa Games’ Root Film have been introduced – Wakako Shiba, Mysterious Girl, and Chisa Toriyama. [Thanks, 4Gamer!]


Check out their profiles below:

Wakako Shiba (CV: Arisa Noutou)

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A university student who’s majoring in historical literature. On days without lectures, or days off, she takes care of her professor’s wife as a sort of “part-time job” in exchange with being able to freely read her professor’s collection of historical books.


Mysterious Girl (CV: Moa Tsukino)

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A mysterious girl who’s sharp and quick-witted. From her appearance, she seems to be a lively person.


Chisa Toriyama (CV: Anna Mugiho)

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A member of the Iwami Kagura Miho Troupe, in charge of art. She has a slightly rounded, but sturdy build. She gives off the impression of being a caring but stern mother.


You can read more about previously introduced characters Shouko Manabe and Monami Haishima here.


Root Film will come to the Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4 in North America and Europe, though a release window has not yet been announced. It will come to both systems in Japan in Spring 2020.

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