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Roundabout’s Wacky Revolving Limousine Is Driving On To PS Vita Too



We already knew that No Goblin’s wacky driving game inspired by ‘70s B-movies, Roundabout, was heading to PlayStation 4, but it’s also been announced for PlayStation Vita.


Roundabout is set during 1977 and has you playing as revolving limousine chauffeur Georgio Manos as she picks up passengers and takes them for a spin towards their destination. Playing like Kuru Kuru Kururin, you’ll need to avoid hitting obstacles as the car constantly spins.


Apart from the driving challenges, Roundabout also has a rise-to-fame story to tell through deliberately kitschy FMV sequences (yes, the acting is supposed to be awkward), lots of secrets to discover, plenty of absurd humor, and cartoon violence.


As Siliconera previously covered, Roundabout is already available for Windows, Mac, and Linux. The PlayStation versions will feature cross-buy and cross-save, and will be available “soon.”

Chris Priestman