RPG Lords Of Xulima Gets Even Harder With New Ironman Mode



Lords of Xulima is already known as a pretty tough game in some circles. But now, due to fan demand, developer Numantian Games has added an Ironman mode for those that want the game to be even harder.


The Ironman Mode only lets you save the game when you’re in towns – you’re left to the mercy of the outside world until you can return to one. The rest of the game works the same as it does on Hardcore mode, except the score is 300% of the normal score (200% of Hardcore mode).


You’ll be offered to play the game on Ironman mode when selecting Hardcore mode. You can go back to regular Hardcore mode at any time in the Options menu if you do select it, but you cannot go back from that.


Lords of Xulima is an isometric, turn-based 2D RPG set in the mythical lost continent of Xulima, where humans and gods walk side-by-side. You control Gaulen the Explorer, and create and command a party of five other characters that set out with him to restore balance to the world, but it ain’t easy.


The game apparently has over 100 hours of play time, across which you’ll travel through various dangerous lands, including the Golden Woods, the Great Desert of Pernitia, and the daunting icy peaks of Karraga.


It has been compared to many RPG classics, such as Baldur’s Gate during the exploration sections, while the combat is closer to Dragon Quest and Etrian Odyssey. You can purchase Lords of Xulima on Steam Early Access at $16.99.

Chris Priestman