More RPGs Need Musical Instruments As Weapons Like Recurring World Of Cratia

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While Monster Hunter does technically let one fight with a musical instrument, I personally think we need characters running around with harps and lutes blasting out riffs that blow enemies apart. Kemco are obliging, with a new 2D old-school RPG called Recurring World of Cratia for smartphones.



You’re Haruma, and the basic premise of the game has shrine maiden Cynthia show up and beg you to “Please! Save the world!” So of course we’re just going to drop everything and oblige, since the Demon King comes back every decade or so, and you’re the only one who can defeat him. Along the way, you’ll find yourself picking up allies such as the knight Lamina and badass musician Aimos.


Battles are turn-based but as flashy as the graphics can make them, with the skills you can use coming from various weapons players equip to their characters. There’s also a magic stone enhancement system which allows players to slot in magic stones to alter and enhance their gear.


The Android version is out now, while iOS will have to wait till 2014.

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