Rune Factory 4 Special Opening Movie And Another Episode Details Revealed

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During the Rune Factory 4 Special livestream held by Marvelous earlier today, they revealed the opening movie of the game, as well as various details such as clarification on whether Ventuswill is a marriage candidate, and details on Another Episode, and more.


The development director of Rune Factory 4 Special apologized for teasing last livestream that Ventuswill could be a marriage candidate in the game. According to him, this “bug” was one of the first things he went up to discuss with Hashimoto about during the making of 4 Special, but they ended up coming to the conclusion that it was impossible thanks to Ventuswill’s central role in the story (without going into spoilers).


Instead, to make up for this, Another Episode (one new mode teased via the main menu screen before) will show off a different side to Ventuswill, so fans can look forward to playing through that in the full game.


Another new thing added to Rune Factory 4 Special are voice comments from 15 voice actors who star in the game as various characters, each being around 7 minutes long. The voice actors talk about what it was like voicing the character 7 years ago, as well as their memories with the Rune Factory series; and livestream guest Ayane Taketatsu (who voices Dolce) mentioned that she talked a lot for her voice comment segment.


Check out the opening trailer below:


Rune Factory 4 Special releases for Nintendo Switch in Japan on July 25, 2019. It’ll come Westward later in 2019.

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