Sailor Moon 25th Anniversary Jewelry Sets Include Iconic Chokers

Sailor Moon Jewelry Collection

A line of Sailor Moon Eternal jewelry sets are now available to pre-order through the series’ official website. This line of jewelry has been created to celebrate the twenty-fifth anniversary of the series. Each set will come with a velvet choker and a pair of earrings. A total of nine sets are available to. Every one of them will cost ¥9,500 (or roughly $93) and ship in March 2021.

Specific pieces of jewelry from the sets will have Swarovski crystals or pearls inspired by the design of each character. The necklaces themselves are made out of velvet, and the individual charms can be removed if desired. The sets are inspired by Super Sailor Moon, Super Chibi Moon, Super Sailor Mercury, Super Sailor Mars, Super Sailor Jupiter, Super Sailor Venus, Super Sailor Uranus, Super Sailor Pluto, and Super Sailor Saturn.

You can take a look at the Sailor Moon Eternal jewelry sets below.

As you can see above, the Sailor Moon jewelry sets come with distinct and unique accessories. Each pair of earrings has been crafted to reflect the design of the individual Sailor Scout. The velvet chokers can also be adjusted to suit any size.

In December 2020, NHK released the results of a character popularity poll for Sailor Moon. A total of fifty characters were listed, with a total of 82,706 votes cast.

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