Here Are Japan’s Favorite Sailor Moon Characters According to NHK’s Grand Poll

NHK All-Sailor Moon Grand Poll favorite sailor moon characters

NHK held another one of its Grand Polls, and this time, it was all about Sailor Moon. Fans got to vote for the NHK All-Sailor Moon Grand Poll” from October 16, 2020, to November 23, 2020 and pick their favorite characters.

The results are now in with 82,706 votes that decided on Japan’s top-50 favorite Sailor Moon characters. It’s worth noting that the poll counts characters and their Sailor counterparts as separate characters. Check out the top-50 below:

Favorite Sailor Moon characters
  1. Sailor Uranus (Super Sailor Uranus)
  2. Sailor Moon (Super Sailor Moon/Eternal Sailor Moon)
  3. Haruka Tenou
  4. Minako Aino
  5. Seiya Kou
  6. Michiru Kaiou
  7. Sailor Saturn (Super Sailor Saturn)
  8. Makoto Kino
  9. Ami Mizuno
  10. Sailor Mercury (Super Sailor Mercury)
  11. Fish Eye
  12. Sailor Venus (Super Sailor Venus)
  13. Princess Serenity
  14. Sailor Neptune (Super Sailor Neptune)
  15. Usagi Tsukino
  16. Sailor Mars (Super Sailor Mars)
  17. Hotaru Tomoe
  18. Luna (Human form)
  19. Black Lady
  20. Sailor Jupiter (Super Sailor Jupiter)
  21. Rei Hino
  22. Sailor Pluto (Super Sailor Pluto)
  23. Chibiusa Tsukino
  24. Prince Demande
  25. Sailor Chibi Moon (Super Sailor Chibi Moon)
  26. Mamoru Chiba
  27. Tuxedo Mask
  28. Yaten Kou
  29. Nephrite
  30. Luna
  31. Sailor V
  32. Zoisite
  33. Helios/Pegasus
  34. Neo-Queen Serenity
  35. Sailor Star Fighter
  36. Saphir
  37. Naru Osaka
  38. Sailor Star Healer
  39. Koan
  40. Eudial
  41. Usagi Princess SL Serenity
  42. Prince Endymion
  43. PallaPalla
  44. Kunzite
  45. Berthier
  46. Tiger’s Eye
  47. Artemis
  48. Setsuna Meiou
  49. Mistress 9
  50. Sailor Galaxia

Here’s a breakdown of the data from the votes. 89% of the voters were female and 11% male.

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