Sakamoto Ryoma Featured on New FGO Japan Banner

FGO Sakamoto Ryoma Lancer

The second banner for the Fate/Grand Order GUDAGUDA Close Call event is now live on the Japanese server, featuring a 5-star Lancer version of Sakamoto Ryoma. This article will include spoilers for NA players on Lancer Sakamoto Ryoma’s kit, as well as his Noble Phantasm. Other Servants who appear on the same banner are fellow GUDAGUDA characters, such as Okita J. Souji and Okada Izo. Demon King Nobunaga is the second SSR with a rate-up, though she is not available every day like Ryoma is.

As a 5-star Servant from the FGO event banner, Lancer Sakamoto Ryoma will have different forms depending on his Ascension. The free Rider version maintains the same look throughout, just like other welfare Servants. His Lancer skill set closely resembles his Rider incarnation, with all of his skills focusing on buffing his and the party’s Arts performance. He can also gain critical stars every turn, which matches well with his first skill that increases the party’s critical damage.

You can see his Noble Phantasm, “Ryuu yo, Wadatsumi no Hara wo Yuke,” here:

A short sample of Tetsu Yamamoto’s “Goetsu Doushuu” is on YouTube for you to listen to. This is the song that plays during the commercial advertising the Fate/Grand Order GUDAGUDA Close Call event. You can also download the song from services such as Line Music and the iTunes Store.

Fate/Grand Order is available worldwide on mobile devices. The FGO GUDAGUDA Close Call event, with Sakamoto Ryoma on the banner, will run on the Japanese server until December 1, 2021. In addition, the English server will have its Thanksgiving campaign from November 24 to December 4, 2021.

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