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Scalebound’s New Screenshots Show Us Different Body Types Of The Dragon Thuban


Scalebound (3)

Platinum Games has been pretty quiet about their upcoming Xbox One and PC action RPG, Scalebound, since announcing its delay earlier this year, but they shared a look at some of its latest screenshots at Gamescom 2016.


Scalebound (2)

Scalebound (1)

The first few screenshots show us different body types that you’ll get to pick for Thuban, the dragon that will accompany the protagonist Drew throughout the game. Drew and Thuban are bonded together, so when Thuban dies that means Drew does, too, and vice versa.


According to Polygons recent report, the game allows you to control your dragon directly in battle, but it’ll require working on timing to work well and smoothly with the two.


Scalebound (4)

The above image shows us the Earth Tribe Village in Draconis.


Scalebound will release for Xbox One and PC in 2017.

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