Science Adventure Games Developer Mages Entered Insolvency

Science Adventure Games Developer Mages Entered Insolvency

Things are not looking too hot for Mages in Q4 2022, as the developer known for the Science Adventure series that features games like Steins;Gate is entering insolvency. Its final loss is around 613 million JPY, which rounds to about $4,611,095. It is unclear what the exact reason is for Mages’s huge losses for the fiscal year. However, the company may go bankrupt if things do not turn around. [Thanks, Game Biz!]

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Here is a more precise breakdown of Mages’s gains and losses:

  • Total Sales: 4.225 billion JPY
  • Ordinary Loss: 565 million JPY
  • Final Loss: 613 million JPY

Aside from acting as a developer and making games like Science Adventure series installments, Mages manages talents, as well as handles movies and music. Within this quarter, Mages released Alice Gear Aegis CS: Concerto of Simulatrix, Anonymous;Code, and the The Quintessential Quintuplets game. However, it seems that the sales for these properties were not enough to overcome the existing debts and losses that Mages had. Mages is a company under Colopl, which may shut it down if Mages cannot pay off its debts.

Mages has several games in development, as well as international releases. The English version of Alice Gear Aegis CS: Concerto of Simulatrix is set to come out in 2023. Meanwhile, Summer Time Rendering: Another Horizon will come out on January 26, 2023.

Mages announced its insolvency, and the future of the company is unclear.

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