Screenies! Dragoneer’s Aria!

Learning that Hitmaker was behind Dragoneer’s Aria was a bit of a surprise; on the one hand, Blade Dancer: Lineage of Light, their first PSP developed title, left a sour taste in the attitudes of those who’ve played through the game. However, those who’ve dared to dive deeper into Blade Dancer learned that its a pretty decent game and, while story does take a backseat, its the whole gameplay of Blade Dancer and the crafting system that really takes the cake of the game. With Dragoneer’s Aria, though, Hitmaker really seems to be learning from their mistakes with Blade Dancer and improve on them. Here’s hoping that they do because Blade Dancer wasn’t so bad of a title.

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Past the break is a minimal set of screens of Dragoneer’s Aria from GameWatch where you can see the rest of them. After all, there’s nothing wrong with a nice set of images right? Unless, of course, you’re 56k in which I’m sorry!




















Don’t those character models look somewhat awesome? The story behind Dragoneer’s Aria revolves around the peacehood of the world, protected by six dragons of the elements, being interrupted by the sudden appearance of a black dragon who threatens the very existence of the six elemental dragons as well as humanity itself. One young Dragoneer must rise to the occassion and save his land, along with some companions he meets along the way, from the destruction of the black dragon.


Sounds pretty cool.  

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