Scrounge For Supplies While Dogged By Monstrous Spirits In Failed State

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A motorcycle is just about all that Rose has left in Failed State, a sidescrolling survival game where players must search for the supplies they need to live while dealing with the monstrous remains of a dying world.


Failed State brings players to an Earth that has tried to cast humanity off. Through earthquakes, tsunamis, volcanic eruptions, and other natural disasters, the world has been left in shambles, haunted by strange spirits and feral humans. Only Rose seems to have any sense of normalcy, but she has already forgotten what life used to be like before everything began to fall apart.

Players will wander through various broken-down locations throughout Failed State, picking through ruins to find scrap materials. These can be used to create lockpits, medkits, and other weapons and tools players will need to survive. However, dangerous shadows and sick humans present a constant threat for survivors, and these creatures will quickly rush anything that comes creeping through their homes. Players can beat them back with a few headshots, but bullets and materials are scarce, meaning players will want to make every shot count.


Failed State will release on Steam Early Access in January 2018. A demo is currently available from its Steam page.

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