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Second Gundam Seed Freedom Trailer Teases Conflict

A new trailer for Mobile Suit Gundam Seed Freedom is now available online. You can hear the voices of the characters in this one, though it still does not provide much of an idea of the plot. As an aside, this is our first time hearing the new voice of Cagalli, who appears in the trailer.

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You can watch the second Mobile Suit Gundam Seed Freedom trailer here:

It starts with Shuichi Ikeda (who voiced Durandal in Destiny) narrating about someone who was born because the world wanted them to be. It seems that the crew of Archangel has joined up with ZAFT (or an equivalent of it) since there is a scene of them standing next to Shinn and Lunamaria. There is a brief shot of three new characters, with a short blond girl in a place of power. More information on them will likely appear in the future.

Though we don’t know much about the plot, there are some hints at what parts of the conflict may be. The trailer ends with Kira’s eyes glowing red. We can also hear Murrue and Mu telling him to stop. Durandal also appears in the trailer, with someone investigating him. However, Destiny veterans know that Durandal died at the end of the show.

Mobile Suit Seed Gundam Freedom will come out in Japan on January 26, 2024. So far, there is no news on whether or not it will appear overseas.

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