Before your hopes rise like a blooming Flowaro, Sega has not announced 7th Dragon or its PSP sequel 7th Dragon 2020 for North America or Europe.


… and that’s why we’re a bit surprised to see a trailer for the game with English subtitles. Developer Imageepoch did something like this before when they asked "is JRPG old fashioned?" Perhaps, Imageepoch added English subtitles?



If it wasn’t clear from the video, 7th Dragon 2020 takes place in modern Tokyo where players have to defeat dragons from space. You lead a team of Murakumo (made out of hackers, psychics, and samurai) throughout Japan. Imageepoch recreated landmarks, like the famous scramble crossing in Shibuya, for the PSP game.


7th Dragon 2020 is slated for release this fall.

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