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See Gal Gun Returns’ Doki Doki Carnival With Ekoro and Patako

gal gun returns doki doki carnival ekoro

Inti Creates shared a new Gal Gun Returns trailer, and this one focuses on some of the additional modes you’ll be able to go through in the on-rails shooter. While the story mode, where you attempt to help Tenzou end up with one of his love interests, is fairly well known, this newest video focuses on some elements you might not know about. For example, it offers a comprehensive look at the Gal Gun Returns Doki Doki Carnival.

In this additional Gal Gun Returns mode, people essentially go through an epilogue. The Doki Doki Carnival switches up the formula by making everyone except the girl he fell in love with in the main campaign hate him. (It’s all Ekoro’s fault.)

The Gal Gun Returns Doki Doki Carnival portion begins at the 2:35 point in the trailer. If you turn closed captions on, there’s an English translation.


In case you missed the last look at the game, Inti Creates showed off both the Akira Hibuki and Aoi Uno English routes.

Gal Gun Returns will come to the Nintendo Switch and Xbox One in Japan and Asia on January 28, 2021 and to the Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and PC worldwide on February 12, 2021. PQube prepared a limited edition too.

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