See Hololive Myth Vtuber Amelia Watson’s 3D Model Debut

Amelia Watson 3D Model Debut Ends Hololive Myth Showcase Relay

Hololive English Myth Vtuber Amelia Watson revealed her 3D model debut on March 3, 2023, signaling the showcase relay for the group is nearing the end. The stream included a look at her new 3D office “set.” There were also some cameos, with Mel Yozora, Haato Akai, Ollie Kureiji, Mumei Nanashi, and Zeta Vestia appearing as well.

Amelia’s 3D model showcase began with a look at her model, her mascot Bubba, and her office. It also showed her in an exterior area doing an investigation briefly. Mel stopped by to play some games. Then Hololive EN’s Mumei and Hololive ID’s Ollie and Zeta came to guess what sort of actions Amelia was performing in a take on charades. The showcase ended with Haato joining her to perform “More One Night” together.

During the course of the performance, Amelia’s 3D Debut Celebration merchandise was revealed. On March 4, 2023, people will be able to get a Private Investigator Cap that resembles the one she wears. There is a removable ribbon on top.

The Hololive EN Myth 3D model debut relay began with Ina’nis Ninomae. After that, Kiara Takanashi and Calliope Mori’s were revealed. Gura Gawr’s showed up after that. Now that Amelia’s is done, all that’s left is the Myth First 3D Collab. That will be held at 7pm PT/10pm ET on March 4, 2023.

Jenni Lada
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