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See the Fire Emblem Engage Dancer Seadall

Fire Emblem Engage Seadall Dancer

Nintendo revealed new information on Seadall, a dancer appearing in the upcoming Fire Emblem Engage. Seadall is a famous individual from the Kingdom of Solm. He has a mysterious aura and glamorous charisma. He is a particularly gifted fortuneteller and is able to predict his allies’ fortune.

Seadall’s starting class is Dancer in Fire Emblem Engage. Dancers are a unique type of class that motivate their allies with their gracious moves. The “Dance” command is exclusive to this class. This move can only be used on an adjacent allied unit that has already finished their turn, allowing them to act again.

One of the videos shared by Nintendo highlights a conversation between Seadall and Amber, an Alpaca-lover, and Prince Diamant of Brodia’s retainer. During their chat, Seadall predicts the presence of a handsome-but-dumb “chosen man of legend” nearby through card reading. This man coincidentally happens to have a deep connection to Alpacas.

Shogo Sakamoto voices Seadall in the Japanese dub of the game. Sakamoto is a theatre actor and musician, and has previously filled the roles of Ryoma Echizen in the fourth generation of The Prince of Tennis musical series, Ciel Phantomhive in the Black Butler musicals, and Horikawa Kunihiro in the Touken Ranbu musicals.

Fire Emblem Engage is coming out for the Nintendo Switch on January 20, 2023.

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