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See What Valkyrie and Mithras Will Look Like in SMT V

SMT V Valkyrie Mithras

Today’s SMT V daily demon digest videos focus on Valkyrie and Mithras, which are two familiar faces to those who have played other works from Atlus. While Valkyrie is from Norse mythology, Mithras is a sun deity that those in the Roman empire worshipped.

Valkyrie in SMT V is still from the Yoma race. Like her previous appearances in games such as Persona or SMT IV, Valkyrie will specialize in physical attacks, as well as buffs that improve on her critical rate or attack power. At the end of her video, when the Nahobino tells her that the stench she smells is that of a conspiracy, she agrees and mentions that they are being watched.

Mithras remains a member of the Tyrant race in SMT V. Unlike the more physical-oriented Valkyrie, Mithras can use a variety of powerful spells. In his video, he shows off attacks such as Maragibarion and Hamabarion. As well, he can use low-tier physical skills. Unlike the Valkyrie video, we do not get to see Mithras’s personality or how he will navigate the overworld.

Valkyrie and Mithras mark the 184th and 185th demons, respectively, that Atlus showed off leading up to the SMT V release date. As per usual, here are the previous twenty demons in this series:

  1. Ippon-Datara
  2. Obariyon
  3. Tsuchigumo
  4. Mokoi
  5. Moh Shuvuu
  6. Mishaguji
  7. Yoshitsune
  8. Azumi
  9. Naga Raja
  10. Kali
  11. Norn
  12. Aquans
  13. Okuninushi
  14. Seiryu
  15. King Frost
  16. Koryu
  17. Yaksini
  18. Amon
  19. Kaya-no-Hime
  20. Idun

SMT V will come out on the Nintendo Switch on November 11 in Japan and November 12, 2021 worldwide.

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