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Sega Ages Dreamcast Games On The Nintendo Switch Might Happen After All


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In a recent Famitsu interview that acts as a follow-up to Sega’s Sega Ages stage event at TGS 2018, Sega and M2 indicated that Dreamcast games on the Nintendo Switch might be a possibility, based off the survey results.


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While Sega and M2 clarified that the survey results do not indicate that they will be working on the games in that order, they mentioned that it will influence the future choices that will come to the Sega Ages series, beyond the 11 titles that were currently announced.

Some of the factors that may have influenced the results, as discussed by the two parties, are that some of the more obscure games may have gotten a boost from people who bought Sega’s previous 3D rereleases on the 3DS. Another factor was that many Sega fans took this opportunity to ask for rereleases of all sorts, and not just those that would fit the category of Sega Ages. This included Mushiking, and newer smartphone titles like World Chain and Demon Tribe that have ended service.


Speaking on the topic of Dreamcast games, the directors and supervisors from Sega and M2 reiterated the statement made during the event that they want to aim to work on Sega Saturn and Dreamcast games, and they asked all fans to look forward to what they mean by that.

M2 have been able to get a Dreamcast emulator working on the Switch, but right now, they are considering whether to use an emulator, or use the source code to do something of a remake. If emulation is used, they can get more titles out in a Virtual Console-like fashion, but if a source code remake is done, extra features like what is being done for current releases can also be added. The choice is up to Sega.

For Jet Set Radio in particular, which got first place in the survey, producer Rieko Kodama from Sega states that there have been many offers from overseas companies regarding the series. As Sega also does licensing, she hopes that even if it’s uncertain whether the series will make the cut for Sega Ages, maybe Sega will allow one of these companies to do something with it.


Finally, Sega and M2 restated that they want to make sure which option will make consumers happier, and decide the future titles based on that. To do so, they will be gauging the reviews and sales of games like the released Thunder Force IV and Sonic the Hedgehog.

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