Sega and M2 are preparing for yet another trip to the Fantasy Zone, as the game’s page on the Sega Ages website has been updated.


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Sega Ages Fantasy Zone is based on the Nintendo 3DS 3D Classics version, with further refinement. In the game, you play as sentient spaceship Opa-Opa, and must defeat enemies and collect coins, which you can use at shops to buy power-ups. There are many unique bosses with their weaknesses to exploit and defeat.


Coin Stock System

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The Coin Stock system is an extra option meant for people with less-than-adept skills at shoot ‘em ups. The amount of coins you collect will be saved in the main menu, and  when you save up to a certain amount, it boosts your shots, makes more coins drop from enemies, and more.


Extra Bosses

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If you reach certain requirements, some of the console port-original bosses from the Sega Master System and more will appear in full arcade quality. You can choose to turn them off if you want, in the options.


Upa-Upa Mode

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A different mode where you control Opa-Opa’s brother, Upa-Upa. Shops won’t appear, and you’ll begin playing with how many coins are collected in the Coin Stock. As long as you have the funds for it, you can use weapons as much as you want. The ending of the game in this mode is also slightly different.


Time Attack Mode

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A mode where you race against other real players to reach the ending of the arcade mode as fast as possible. There are infinite lives, so you’ll never get a game over.


Other miscellaneous features

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The Sega Ages iteration includes both the original version and new versions of the arcade game. There are also things like the Base Markers which shows where your base is when it’s off-screen. Finally, there are the Sega Ages features like Rankings, Replays, and HD Rumble support.


Sega Ages Fantasy Zone will release soon for Nintendo Switch.

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