Sega Ages Gain Ground Will Appear In The Japanese eShop Next Week


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The next installment in the Sega Ages series has a Japanese release date. Nintendo Switch owners will be able to download Sega Ages Gain Ground on December 27, 2018 for 925円. As a reminder, it and Sega Ages Alex Kidd in Miracle World were both revealed as entries in the line back in April 2018. (Thanks, Game Watch!)


Sega Ages Gain Ground is a top-down shoot’em up for between one to three players. The Nintendo Switch version can be played horizontally or, if undocked, in the vertical tate mode. The official website also points out it will have a network ranking system to let you compare your scores with others and a helper function that lets go back to before you made a costly mistake.


As a reminder, this is based on the arcade version of Gain Ground. This means there are 20 playable characters to choose from and 40 stages. The console adaptation had 50 stages.

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Sega Ages Gain Ground will appear on the Nintendo Switch in Japan on December 27, 2018. A worldwide release date has not yet been set.

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