Sega Ages Shinobi Will Let You Rewind The Stage In New Ages Mode

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Sega has updated the official site for Sega Ages with more info regarding the next upcoming release, Shinobi. This game is the first arcade title that would spawn the Shinobi games on Genesis, and details Joe Musashi’s first fight against ZEED.


sega ages shinobi 2 sega ages shinobi 3

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Sega Ages Shinobi will include both the Japanese and international versions of the arcade title, as well as a difficulty and level select feature. You can also set a button to be used for melee attacks, useful for if you’re going for Shinobi bonus score. There are also the Fit, Vintage, and Cabinet portrait modes for the game.


Arcade Mode

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sega ages shinobi 8 sega ages shinobi 9

A faithful version of the arcade game, with an optional rewind function (this is the same feature as Gain Ground’s Helper feature).


Ages Mode

sega ages shinobi 10 sega ages shinobi 11

sega ages shinobi 12 sega ages shinobi 13

A special mode for players who find the original arcade version too difficult. This mode outfits Joe in his white outfit from the console Shinobi games, and he will have higher attack, have an HP count so that it takes two hits first before he can be defeated, and  the Rewind feature is also usable in this mode.


Finally, the game will feature an online scoreboard with Ranking mode and the ability to play back other people’s gameplay, and other features that are common across the Sega Ages releases.


Sega Ages Shinobi releases on Nintendo Switch “soon”.

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