Sega Allows Japanese Users to Monetize Videos on YouTube and Twitch

Sega allows YouTube monetization videos for internal games like Yakuza Like a Dragon

Sega published a new streaming guideline in Japan. It allows Japanese individual users to monetize videos and streams from Sega-owned games through official monetization features on websites like YouTube and Twitch. [Thanks, Gamer!]

The first two points in the guidelines generally only allow the public to publish videos on non-profit websites and social media accounts. However, Sega made an exception to allow monetization through partner features officially provided by video and streaming websites, such as Twitch and YouTube.

Sega also encouraged users to add their own content, such as reaction faces and comments, unless the video is streamed through an official game platform feature. It also asked users to place spoiler warnings on videos that contain core story elements like event cutscenes. However, it discouraged video edits that add unrelated footages or obscure the actual game content.

The guideline is applicable only to independent individuals in Japan. Streamers affiliated with a legal body need to have separate permission. In November 2020, Sega signed an agreement with Cover Corp that allows Hololive Production Vtubers to monetize streams based on the former’s titles.

The press release added that this guideline applies only to games developed and published directly by Sega in Japan. It does not include Sega’s group companies like Atlus and titles developed in the West, such as Total War and Football Manager. However, if the Sega-owned title already has its own streaming guidelines, the latter will take precedence.

Kite Stenbuck
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