Sega Begins ‘Sonic 2020’ News Project With More News Every Month


Sega revealed a news project titled ‘Sonic 2020’ today, where throughout 2020 on the 20th of each month, information on various projects surrounding the series will be released. This is all in fact a lead-up to 2021, where the series celebrates its 30th anniversary.

The info will be revealed on the special ‘Sonic 2020’ page on the Japanese Sonic Channel info site. That said, news won’t be the only thing as part of this project, as they’ll be doing fanart contests and giveaways as well as part of the new batch of stuff each month.

For example, this month has no new info, but they are giving out PC and smartphone wallpapers, as well as calendars, Twitter profile pictures and headers featuring Sonic series characters. While this might make you think there’s nothing to the project but minor giveaways, it should be remembered that the next Sonic title is in development, with producer Iizuka saying that 2021 was ‘the next big year’. It wouldn’t be surprising to have news released on the 20th of a particular month. Additionally, the Sonic Twitter’s Thank-you message at the end of 2019 had a hidden message within it.

You can find the Sonic 2020 site here.

Alistair Wong
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