Sega Mega Drive Mini Delayed To 2019 In Order To Improve Its Quality And Revise Its Design



Sega announced the Mega Drive mini back in April with an expected release window of 2018, but the mini-console is being delayed to 2019 in order to improve its quality and revise its design.


In a tweet from Sega, the company announced that the release of the Mega Drive Mini (tentative) has been delayed to 2019. While it was planned for a release this year, after getting an especially positive response from fans overseas, Sega is planning on making models for the Genesis in the United States and a Mega Drive model for Europe.


Again, in order to further improve on its quality that is expected by the fans of Sega, the original Mega Drive staff is working on revising the design of the Mega Drive Mini and are working with Japanese developers with experience in software development.


Sega apologizes for any inconveniences from the delay and ask fans to wait just a little longer.


The Mega Drive Mini releases in 2019.

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