As part of an interview with Computer & Videogames, Sega president in the West, Mike Hayes, touched upon the company’s approach to developing games for Microsoft’s Kinect, scheduled for release this year.


Sega, Hayes says, are obviously interested in “reinventing” some of their motion-controlled Wii games for Move and Kinect. But the company also hopes to put out original, clever titles for Kinect, which is being facilitated by a technical team based in England.


We’ve got a tech group based in England, in Southall [Middlesex],” Hayes revealed. “We took them from the Racing Studio when we closed that as it was actually a very good team — we just couldn’t find something for them to do. They’re sat with their test tubes and Bunsen burners and that’s exactly what they’re doing — using the new devices to see what we can do in an original way.”


According to Hayes, you can look forward to this original title toward the end of 2011 or early 2012. Before that, however, you’ll be playing Sonic Free Riders, Sega’s Kinect game for Xbox Live Arcade.


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