Sekai Project To Publish Bunny Girl Metroidvania Rabi-Ribi In February 2016


Sekai Project has announced that it’s publishing 2D bunny girl metroidvania Rabi-Ribi and that it’ll be out on Steam in February 2016. It’ll be available in English, Japanese, and Chinese.


Rabi-Ribi is the work of Taiwanese studio CreSpirit, who recently raised $10,148 for it during a flexible funding Indiegogo campaign.


It follows Erina and her pink-haired fairy companion Ribbon after Erina is turned from an ordinary into a human, and warped to an unknown location in the process.


Erina has to use her bunny jumping skills to climb across platforms while also fighting foes at close range with Ribbon providing long-range attack support. There will be eight main areas, 20 sub-areas, and over 40 bosses to defeat.


Finally, Rabi-Ribi will have three difficult settings, a Boss Rush mode, and once you’ve completed the game, a Speedrun Mode to further challenge you. Find out more on its website.

Chris Priestman