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Senran Kagura Producer’s New Studio Working On Two Switch Games, Two PS4 Titles, Much More



Senran Kagura producer Kenichiro Takaki’s new studio Honey∞Parade Games has been quite busy with work on two Switch games, a smartphone game, two PS4 titles, and two TV animes. [Thanks, Hachima.]


Here are the highlights from this week’s issue of Famitsu magazine, featuring an interview with Kenichiro Takaki.

  • I want to bring back the adventurous spirit. A want to create an environment where young guys can keep busting out new projects without any fear.


  • While we’re seeing more numerically based creations such as smartphone apps, I want to make titles that focus on the fun that comes from stuff that have feelings and stuff that have emotions.


  • We’re already working on a new title other than Shinobi Refle, that uses the Switch’s functions. It’s expected to be a retail game, and both are titles that utilize the HD Rumble.


  • In addition to the Switch games, we’re working on quite a number of titles. On top of the two Switch titles, we’re working on an orthodox-style title for smartphone.


  • I believe that we’re mostly working on retail and console games, and even have one for PS4, which we might be able to announce this season.


  • Moreover, we have a rather major-scale PS4 title that is being readied up for the future.


  • Other than that, there are other smaller things and mid-scale titles that are in the works. I believe that we’ll be able to present them by the next fiscal year.


  • We’re also vigorously working on an original title, and we have about two TV anime titles in the works. One that’s for something new and one that’s for something not new.


  • I want to announce all of our next titles by this summer. We’re currently working on making that happen.


  • I also personally want to do something on arcade.
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