After soft-launching it in select countries on the App Store a couple of months ago, Backflip Studios and developer Handcircus have released its free-to-play pirate-themed action adventure game Seabeard around the globe on iOS.


It lets you loose in an archipelago and its surrounding seas where you can recruit people into your ship’s crew and explore until your heart’s content. Each eccentric character that joins you brings a unique speciality, such as cooking, sailing, or fishing.  Yes, it’s all a bit Animal Crossing, for sure.


There are plenty of activities to do in and around the delightful world of Seabeard. You can take quests into dungeons, fighting monsters, and grabbing loot. You can also fish, farm, rescue shipwreck survivors, battle sea creatures, and meet the strangers inhabiting the many villages and tribes.



Trading is also a big part of the game, with you being a pirate and all, so you can trade your loot for gold and valuable treasures. You’ll need to open up trading routes and restore the trading capital Accordia to do that, though.


You can download Seabeard for free on the App Store. And yes, it does have in-app purchases, which allow you to buy coins and pearls that are used to buy items and speed up some activities.

Chris Priestman

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