Shadowverse Announces Its Second Expansion, called “Rise of Bahamut”




Cygames’ Hearthstone meets JRPG/Anime card game, Shadowverse, is getting a new expansion called Rise of Bahamut, the company revealed in this week’s issue of Famitsu magazine.



No further details were shared other than the announcement in the Famitsu preview, but the magazine issue will share a look and introduction for eight of the new cards from the upcoming expansion.


Shadowverse’s previous expansion, Darkness Evolved, brought 109 cards to the card game, bringing plenty of possibilities for decks, including the highly sought-after Crystallia Tia for Forestcraft-users, and more.


Update: The Rise of Bahamut update features 105 new cards. A new ability called “Enhance” is also introduced. When a card with Enhance is played, should your PP be at a higher number than the one written for the effect, it’ll instead cost that amount of PP, and the effect activates. There are also some cards that have two effects.


Shadowverse is currently available for Android, iPhone, and PC. The Rise of Bahamut expansion launches in Japan in late-December.

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