Shantae Revealed As An Incarnation For Indivisible

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Lab Zero has revealed that its teamed up with WayForward to turn the half-genie Shantae (from the Shantae series, of course) into an Incarnation in its upcoming RPG Indivisible. You can see how Shantae will measure up in the game above.


505 Games, the publisher of Indivisible, has also sweetened some of the funding rewards on the game’s Indiegogo campaign. Each tier under $100 will get a Steam copy of How to Survive while every tier over $100 will get a Steam copy of How to Survive and Brothers – A Tale of Two Sons.


Speaking of Steam, the Indivisible prototype is now available to download directly on Steam. Finally, there have also been two new Incarnation reveals that you can see below.



“Boisterous and resourceful, Leilani is the polar opposite of her shy and reserved twin sister.  Inseparable since birth, the two young priestesses spent each day together, with Leilani assuming the role of protector in times of danger.

When her sister was chosen by their starving village as a sacrifice to the shark god, Leilani did not hesitate. As her sister tearfully protested, she stood, arms skyward, bravely awaiting the jaws of death.

In recognition for her courage, rather than devour her, the shark god instead adopted her. Returned to the material world with a weapon fashioned from his discarded teeth, Leilani is charged with protecting those in need… but barred from ever seeing her sister again, lest the secret be revealed.”



“Once an eccentric professor at the Tower of Wisdom, Hassam is now an eccentric adventurer and inventor.

He has found a way to convert the surrounding energy of the world and nature, known as Prana, into the internal psychic energy, Iddhi, by way of a bizarre and rather clunky machine. Eager to study the effects of direct application of Iddhi, Hassam straps his invention to his back while traveling.

An ardent collector of artifacts and a constant learner, Hassam views the ever-expanding Iron Kingdom and its intellectual oppression as the world’s greatest threat. Having recently learned of the fall of the Tower of Wisdom, he fears for the fate of his home lands, but has decided to continue his research for now.

He’s heard talk of an especially interesting specimen – a small girl with a peculiar power…”

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