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Shimane Prefecture Mascot Shimanekko Returns In Kadokawa Games’ Root Film


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Five new characters have been revealed for Kadokawa Games’ next mystery game Root Film, three of which are directly based on real people, as well as a real mascot. [Thanks, 4Gamer!]


Negoshix (CV: Negoshix)

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A comedian from Shimane Prefecture. For some reason, he appears time and again in front of Yagumo and the others.



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Shimane Prefecture’s sightseeing mascot character. It’s got a bright personality.


Kazuya Makita (CV: Yuuki Fujita)

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A person who works for the influential Kotoshiro family. He’s quite kind and gentle in personality. He’s quite close to Ayane Kotoshiro.


Hina Shiraishi (CV: Natsumi Matsubara)

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The flute player in the Iwami Kagura Miho Troupe. She’s shy and gets swept up in the flow of things, and wears her heart on her sleeve with her expressions and movements.


Kentarou Yamagishi (CV: Kentarou Yamagishi)

root film entertainers 5

One of the project leads competing for the Shimane Mystery Drama TV Project. He’s known for his practical skills.


You can read about Wakako Shiba, Mysterious Girl, and Chisa Toriyama here.


Root Film will come to the Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4 in North America and Europe, though a release window has not yet been announced. It will come to both systems in Japan in Spring 2020.

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