Shin Ultraman English Movie Release Set for January 2023

Shin Ultraman, the standalone movie “reboot” of the classic tokusatsu hero franchise, will appear in theaters in the United States. The announcement was delivered by Tsuburaya Productions at the Ultraman Connection panel at Anime NYC over the weekend. The Shin Ultraman English showings will be held by Fathom Events over two days: January 11-12, 2023. Fathom has not yet announced planned locations for the showings.

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Tsuburaya also revealed the official Shin Ultraman English logo in a Tweet.

Shin ultraman English

The logo replicates the simplistic brush-stroke lettering used in other “reboot” films influenced by Neon Genesis Evangelion creator Hideaki Anno. The styling was also seen in Shin Godzilla, which was co-directed by both Anno and Shin Ultraman Director Shinji Higuchi. A similar style is also used for the Shin Kamen Rider film, though it does not have an official English logo.

Shin Ultraman debuted in Japan in May 2022. It tells a new story closely influenced by the original Ultraman series and its immediate predecessor, the 1960s Kaiju series Ultra Q. It follows the activities of the S-Class Species Suppression Protocol Enforcement Unit (SSSP), a team of government agents tasked with finding ways to defeat the many Kaiju that menace Japan. During one attack by the Kaiju Neronga, a new humanoid being appears, destroying Neronga with a powerful beam. The SSSP must then find out more about the new being, codenamed “Ultraman”, with their efforts complicated by geopolitics and the influence of powerful alien lifeforms with designs on Earth and its people.

Shin Ultraman will debut in the United States on January 11-12, 2023. Tsuburaya, Toei, Toho, and Studio Khara have plans to bring the Shin reboots together in some way, but haven’t announced details yet.

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