Shop Atlus Store Official Launch Date Announced

Shop Atlus Launch Date

Atlus revealed the official launch date for its new Shop Atlus store will fall on November 17, 2021. The new store will also feature an unannounced Persona 25th anniversary collector’s product. Atlus will share further details about the store’s lineup at a later date.

The company announced the launch date via the Shop Atlus official Twitter account. The shop itself was unveiled earlier last month, along with the opening of the Persona series 25th anniversary website. While the anniversary website has released updates and announcements, details are still scarce as to what the Shop Atlus store will offer.

However, an official Instagram post does mention that the Persona collector’s product will be available for pre-order. Unlike the Twitter account, the Instagram account looks to be counting down to the official launch of the storefront and may offer more frequent updates.

What we do know is that the Shop Atlus store will be available worldwide. It will also stock exclusive merchandise from popular Atlus series such as PersonaCatherine, and Shin Megami Tensei. Furthermore, the store will add new collections every few weeks.

On the Japanese side of things, Atlus has been announcing various collaborations and events celebrating the 25th anniversary of Persona. Recently, it released promotional art in collaboration with ice cream brand Roll Ice Cream Factory. It also announced that it will hold a Persona 25th anniversary concert in December 2021.

The Shop Atlus store will launch on November 17, 2021.

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