Should you tell Hadrian the truth in Starfield War Relics?
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Should You Tell Hadrian the Truth in ‘War Relics’ in Starfield?

One of the later quests in the Starfield UC Vanguard storyline is “War Relics,” and it sees you head to the planet of Niira to find the missing war droid Kaiser. While this mission is an integral part of the Terrormorphs storyline. It is also a pivotal moment where you have the chance to tell Hadrian the truth about her father Vae Victus in Starfield.

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Should You Tell Hadrian About Her Father in Starfield?

Editor’s Note: There will be Starfield “War Relics” spoilers below.

The main question regarding the “War Relics” quest in Starfield is, should you tell Hadrian the truth about her father? After all, she and the rest of the galaxy believes he was executed at the end of the Colony Wars. However, you find out early in the UC Vanguard story this isn’t the case.

Given Hadrian is the estranged cloned daughter of Vae Victus, you might want to tell her he’s alive. In fact, the game gives you this option when you return to her to tell her you found the robot Kaiser. I honestly think it is up to you and what kind of player you want to be.

I didn’t tell her about her father, mainly because I didn’t want any consequences for sharing this confidential information without permission. It is possible to go through the entire UC Vanguard faction storyline without telling her. In fact, not telling her means the whole series of missions goes through without any alteration.

That said, it is likely she’ll find out at some point, especially given how the UC Vanguard story goes, but you don’t get to see this happen. As such, it might be best to rip the bandaid off early and let Hadrian know about her father, so she isn’t surprised later.

However, if you tell Hadrian about her father in “War Relics,” you’ll completely change the UC Vanguard storyline. You’ll finish the plot one mission earlier than if you hide the truth from her. That said, you’ll still get the same amount of credits and citizenship as you would otherwise.

I would recommend most players to tell Hadrian the truth about her dad, especially if you want to get on her good side. That said, you might want to wait until the final mission to tell her before meeting with the council. You get one more chance to tell her the truth, and you’re able to do all of the missions this way and get all of the XP.

Starfield is available for the Xbox Series X/S and PC.

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