Should You Use Red Truth or Blue Lie in Honkai: Star Rail To the Faint Star
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Should You Use Red Truth or Blue Lie in Honkai: Star Rail To the Faint Star?

Sometimes, a Honkai: Star Rail quest will give you a choice during a questline. It’ll be one that actually matters, rather than a quip from the Trailblazer. The Honkai: Star Rail “To the Faint Star” mission is one example, as it eventually asks whether you should use a Red Truth or a Blue Lie to complete the quest. While the rewards don’t change, the life of the NPC Rocky is altered based on the decision you make.

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How to start Honkai: Star Rail “To the Faint Star”

Like “Unexpected Turn of Events,” “To the Faint Star” is one of the side quests you can take while trying to get your Trailblaze Level up to 14 so you can advance the main storyline and get to Trailblaze Mission “In the Withering Wintry Night.” I was at Trailblaze Level 13 when it appeared for me and had finished “Long Wait for the Blade’s Edge.”

Once Rocky sends you a text message and it appears as a possible quest, head to the Master Control Zone at Herta Space Station. Talk to Rocky to kick off the more straightforward portion of the quest that involves going to the Storage Zone, fixing and looking through the Airwave Repeater, checking Monitoring Room, and confronting Bernard.

Should you use the Red Truth or Blue Lie in Honkai: Star Rail “To the Faint Star”

Due to the nature of how Honkai: Star Rail works, you can’t go back, load a save, and choose a different choice. Once you make a decision, that’s it. So deciding between the Red Truth or Blue Lie in Honkai: Star Rail’s “To the Faint Star” is a permanent choice. It is unknown if it will affect future side quests in the game. A friend and I each made different choices for this mission, to help explain what happens.

Editor’s Note: There will be em>Honkai: Star Rail “To the Faint Star” Red Truth and Blue Spoilers below.

  • Red Truth: You give the actual Signal Log from Bernard to Rocky. He will see Lesley’s return his feelings. He will leave Herta Space Station to attempt to join her, despite the starquake.
  • Blue Lie: You give the doctored Signal Log from Bernard to Rocky. He will see Lesley’s rejection, be heartbroken, and remain on Herta Space Station.

Regardless of your response, you get 12 Sparse Aether, 40 Stellar Jade, 50 Hertareum, 250 Trailblaze EXP, and 12,000 Credits.

Honkai: Star Rail is available for PCs and mobile devices, and PS4 and PS5 versions are in development.

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