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Show Your Love For Chocorooms (Kinoko no Yama) With Earbuds

Meiji will release wireless earbuds that look like the Kinoko no Yama (Chocorooms) snacks from March 26, 2024. They’ll cost 29,800 JPY ($196.90). [Thanks, Game Watch!]

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The earbuds will come in a little container that resembles the packaging for Kinoko no Yama. As for its specs as earbuds, they are Bluetooth-compatible, which you can use to listen to music or watch videos with your phone. Not only that, but it is also capable of offering real-time translations. The Kinoko no Yama earbuds’ translation feature supports 70 different Japanese accents and dialects, as well as 74 different languages. Meiji and Makuake will only release 3500 units of the Kinoko no Yama earbuds.

Here’s the trailer on social media showing them off:

Kinoko no Yama, or Chocorooms, are snacks that Meiji Seika first started selling in 1975. They look like mushrooms, with the stem being a biscuit cookie. Aside from their popularity as legitimate snacks, they’re also a major part of Japanese culture. There is a famous civil debate within Japan as to whether Kinoko no Yama or Takenoko no Sato is the superior snack. Meiji produced both of them, and this war started as a marketing campaign. Takenoko no Sato is a chocolate-covered cookie snack that resembles a pinecone. Which one you prefer is up to your personal taste. But if you wear the earbuds might make you seem like a Kinoko no Yama stan.

The Kinoko no Yama (Chocorooms) earbuds will be available from March 26, 2024.

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